The fantastic limestone around Ingelheim is somewhat like a red carpet. In this wonderful substrate, the vines loll in delight. It is the favorite food of Pinot & co.
In the production of my wines even the smallest details are of relevance. The whole ist always the sum of ist individual parts. For example the fully ripened grape seeds, which during several days of skin contact deliver the finest, integral tannins for my Pinot noir.
The more tasteable information these fascinating fruits have secured during the vegetation period, the more enthralling it is to encounter the wines. Each vintage teaches you a lesson for life.
As a winemaker, I want to hit the bull's eye. Thereby, elegance, purity and finesse take the center stage of my thoughts. I do not think it is clever to let the subtlety of our climate along the 50 degrees latitude flow into over-ripeness, maximum extraction and a high level of alcohol. I aim at communicating the esprit of the Ingelheim terroir as authentically as possible.
In combining the characters of my white darlings, I fully rely on my subjective intuition. White Wedding 2016 is dominated by Viognier, which in combination with Chardonnay is a complex marriage but still characterized by lightness.
This is Kaliber 36. A Pinot noir. I carry everything to the peak that is fascinating about the grape. The transparency of its look, its lively acidity and the terroir-driven aroma – an enthralling mixture of gentleness and fire.
This is Kaliber 19. A Pinot gris, which was given the pass in the official quality control tests only in the second approach, because the testers did not like the colour. It did not match their view of the world. In fact it is the colour, the enchanted shimmering that makes my Grauburgunder so attractive. The transfer of the pink-metal gleaming pigments, extracted from the skin of the berry, also opens a new Dimension of taste to the wine. 
I drink with the eyes. The colour is the heart of the wine. The remainder is dynamic, well-trained, thin, racy.

I drop ballast to create space for the new.
At the beginning each wine is only an idea. My wines arise in a creative engagement with nature. I just love to experiment and differentiate vineyard work by combining new findings and techniques. In some of my favourite parcels, I plait in the growing tips to limit the growth of the vines which ceaselessly strive for the light without shocking or injuring them. It is good for them. And what is good for them, is good for my wine.
I ferment some of my Pinot noir wines with whole clusters and wooden shoots to support the finesse of the more valuable red wines positively and through their own power.
That's best what can happen to Pinot noir.
A single is good, as are multiphonics. AdamsWein certainly has a red cuvee. It consists of Pinot noir and few other gimmicks. So much we can tell. I want you to enjoy Browning Baby .
It is the Pinots that I love. And Chardonnay. Pinot noir is cream of the crop and my entire focus. Here is shown origin, terroir, soil and the vinter's soul. As authentic as possible, as high-class as possible. That's my destination.
Wine is fascinating to me. It is my passion, my job. For me it embodies the interpretation of an ideal constellation: The Rhine valley, the limestone, and the calcareous wind-borne sands around Ingelheim, which form the complex geologic structures of the landscape. The blanch climate, ideally exposed vineyards and, needless to say, my favourite grapes – all these variables are combined in the wine by my thinking and acting.

I wish you a lot of joy with it.

Simone Adams